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U all can call me KHAIRI as my nikename.i also have a best friend 4 ever he is anas syakir.... I love go to CA centre very much. I'm a die hard fan of the myspace and youtube .Im also like to play hockey and also go to USM turf to play.I'm listen to all types of music and my favourites will be black,indie, rock and whatever . I enjoy listening to this type of music because it arouses me with an unexplainable feeling that you can only feel it if you are in seventh heaven. During my saddest moment, this type of music for sure will be my kind of drug that really effective. I'm not a smoker neither a drinker. I hate clubbing. So you can say that my life is quite boring because I don't like to socialise very much. You must remember I also have a nice girlfriend n im not interested to choose any girl excep her to be my girlfriend… just want to be nice “couple”.. haha… I rather spent my free time with my family and my dearest frens coz they are everthing to me. I also like playing games very much. Currently I own my home computer but looking forward to buy laptop later. I have to wait at least for a couple of years to buy it. And if you have anything to comment feel free to do…...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

ApW yAnG bRu???????

PERHATIAN KEPADA MEMBER² AKU DAH TUKAR NO BARU SO HARAP MAKLUM.............................................

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